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Ivy Tulle Dress

Edens Collective

Ivy Tulle Dress

Color: Black


We love tulle

We care about what your wear.

Natural Fibers

We only use exquisite natural fibers for our beautiful garments, selected under the highest standards and with greatest care.

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In Austria.


Here at Edens Collective we believe that beautiful things take time. Beautiful designs take time. Made to order small-scale production takes time. All this resulting in beautiful, timeless and long-lasting pieces. We support local businesses by keeping the production processes in the region, to also ensure ethical and social standards.  

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Each piece is unique.


We believe in sustainable slow fashion. In line with our sustainability philosophy, we produce our garments made-to-order: Each piece is made especially for you. Once your order is placed, it takes about 2-3 weeks until shipment.

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In every step we take.


As a brand we promise transparency in every step we make. We want to give you full insight into every stage of our design and production processes. We also promise transparency and honesty regarding the people behind Edens Collective.

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From women to women.


Edens Collective is founded and led by three women. Dressing women and children is a true joy for us and we love to work with passionate women. We design our clothes to the needs women and mothers have in their daily lives. Join our Collective and share your beliefs and thoughts about motherhood with us.

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We deeply care about people.

Give Back

We support children and women - causes that are close to our hearts. Therefore, we donate 1% of our total sales to benevolent organizations in this field. This year, we are partnering with Stiftung Kindertraum to make wishes of seriously ill children come true.

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